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Midwife Billing _ Business!

Thank you for visiting us. We may have a new name, but we have been serving the midwifery community since 1997—making us one of the oldest midwife billing services in the country. The success of your business is our primary priority and, as such, we are very excited to be able to offer midwives the same services that larger medical practices enjoy for a fraction of the cost. In addition to our full billing service, we now offer online appointment scheduling, inventory tracking, document management, secure messaging system, tracking of birth outcomes and other statistics, and a growing resource center for you and your clients.

Billing Service—we use a web-based billing program which you will also have access to at no additional charge.  You can see your client/patient information and demographics, and track claims submission and payments without having to contact your biller.

We offer:

  • Verification of insurance benefits, including referrals, pre-authorizations and in-network exceptions
  • Coding and electronic submission of insurance claims
  • Invoicing your clients for their co-pays and deductibles
  • Payment plans for your clients who are not covered by insurance and credit/debit card processing
  • Collections
  • Electronic payments and e-EOBs

Front Office Tools—Looking for a more efficient way to schedule your clients/patients and manage your practice?  Our midwife-friendly online scheduler is streamlined and not burdened with all the bells and whistles that usually come with professional online schedulers.  The monthly subscription fee is also significantly less, thanks to the group discount our vendor gives us.  Whether or not you use our billing service, if you want a more efficient way to manage your practice, you will want to try our scheduler.  Compatible with most PDAs, the online scheduler can also be used with a MacIntosh (with a virtualized environment).  It becomes your portal to all of your clients’ information and is available to you wherever you may be. Even if your laptop is stolen or lost (or your computer crashes) your client information is safe, since nothing is actually stored on your computer.

Front office tools include:

  • Online appointment scheduling, including multiple providers, multiple locations, waiting list and more
  • Post and track payments, and print receipts
  • Print customized letters, consent forms, eductional handouts and management reports
  • Document imaging; quickly attach any pertinent image to a client record
  • Client information including photographs, demographic information, insurance, financial history, appointment history, uploaded documents and statement activity
  • Electronic superbills for our billing clients
  • Secure environment with various levels of access and password protection for others in your practice
  • Compatible with many EMR programs

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Resource Center—a growing clearinghouse of information for you, your clients and advocates of midwifery care. There is a section for business topics and a section for insurance topics.

  • Forms and educational hand-outs
  • Surveys and studies pertaining to home birth and midwifery care
  • Business articles on marketing, financial agreements, tracking client information and more
  • Frequently used insurance codes
  • HIPAA and privacy information
  • In-network vs. out-of-network for insurance companies
  • Articles on insurance fraud, offering discounts, working with HR for reimbursement and more

Please click on the individual tabs above to learn more about these services and pricing information. You are also welcome to contact us at service@midwifebilling.com; or call us toll-free at 888.665.1171 or directly at 360.271.0458. We look forward to hearing from you.